Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman

Oman offers a pot-pourri of delights to travelers with many historic attractions and it is blessed with a variety of fascinating and breathtaking views. Whether it is the spectacular mountains, sandy beaches, sweeping green hills or the endless untouched deserts, it is hard to choose a favourite, as they are all magnificent and bound to captivate you in every way. Witness a 5000 year old sea trade tradition and discover intricate fortresses, royal palaces, grand mosques and countless towers with historic background. Oman is also unique for its availability of “frankincense”. In ancient times, during the Greek and Roman Empire. this expensive luxury even outweighed gold in its value.

The Coastline is renowned for its impressive cliffs that fall steeply and endlessly into the sea. However, one can not miss its underwater world too as it is full of magical wonders and a true paradise on its own. Divers and Snorkelers can enjoy fascinating marinelife and numerous large coral reefs which sparkle effortlessly in the sunlight. The Omani people are warm and friendly. Every gesture is an open invitation towards making you feel very welcome in their country. They are living proof that a modern lifestyle and old traditions can blend nicely and in harmony together. This unique mixture makes Oman a valuable and memorable experience.

Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Inspiration for Oman

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