Rooftop Tents Rental


Rooftent  + Camping gear + Toyota Prado 2.7                            50 OMR per day      

Rooftent  + Camping gear + Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5                   54 OMR per day    

Rooftent  + Camping gear + Nissan X-Terra 4.0                         58 OMR per day    

Rooftent  + Camping gear + Toyota Landcruiser 4.0               64 OMR per day    

- Minimum rental period 1 week
- Installation (25 OMR) not included

Easy - Safe - Comfortable - Fun

Camping with a Roof Tent is getting more popular in Oman. The original idea is from Africa but it has been is successful that now there is also a demand in the Middle East for it. We think it is the best way of camping in Oman. You can rent high quality and clean roof tents and camping gear from us, and then you are ready for your adventure

Material: High Quality Poly-Cotton Canvas
Installation/Deinstallation: 4 Minutes
Sleeping area: 140cm x 240cm


Why use a Rooftop Tent..?

  • Easy and fast set up
  • Good quality mattresses (60mm)
  • More storage room for luggage in car
  • Protection from dust, sand and insects
  • Better ventilation (more fresh air)


Why rent a 4x4 from us?

  • Insurance collision damage waiver only excess of 100 OMR (most companies charge 150 OMR or more)
  • You are allowed to drive off-road with our cars (most companies allow you only to use pavement roads)
  • Our cars are almost new and well taken care of
  • Free delivery to our Guesthouse Lana Villa and other Muscat Hotels

                                                       OUR PRICES:

Rooftent 20 OMR  (per day)
(incl. camping set for 2 persons  
Installation/Take down 25 OMR
Awning/Sunroof 10 OMR  (per day)
Installation/Take down 10 OMR


              *** You are allowed to drive Off-Road with our 4x4 Cars ***
25% Discount on the rooftent if you rent the 4x4 through our partner company

*** 4x4 cars and roof tent renting and assembly point is our Guesthouse Lana Villa ***



Camping Set includes:
plates, cups, pots, pan, cutlery, gas cooker, 2 cartridge, table, chairs, solar light, flashlight, shower water container, shovel, towing-rope, cool-box, cutting board, washbowl, tool box, bedsheet, pillow case, 2 pillows, 

Extras:   Explorer Off-road Oman Book (10 OMR)



Camping is permitted anywhere in Oman and it is also safe. If you want to camp near by a village then maybe it is a good idea to ask the villagers if it is ok with them. Generally people in Oman are very friendly and interested in talking to tourists. For navigation we recommend to download one of the Offline Maps for your mobile or tablet. The most recommended at the moment are MAPSME, WAZE and HEREWEGO. With those apps you don’t need mobile coverage or Wifi. If you drive into the desert you might have to deflate your tires a little, that depends on the area. When you come out again you usually find many small tire shops who will inflate them again (depends of the area of course :-)
For bonfire you find pieces of wood laying around in some places which you can collect. Some small shops also sell firewood. If you have any problems whatsoever, the Omani people are extremely friendly and helpful.

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